A “Minor” Change to Tawhidi’s Website

In June of 2017, Imam Tawhidi boastfully indicated that after the Nice Attack, he met with the Ambassador to France “on behalf of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi and Adelaide’s Muslim Community.”  After reports began surfacing that Tawhidi was acting in the interest of Shirazi, Tawhidi altered his website.  Don’t be confused, as he didn’t alter his ideology and condemn Shirazi for condoning child marriage (he still refuses to do that), rather he used the backspace button on his keyboard.  It’s deceptive, it’s dishonest, but apparently, people are falling for it.

Tawhidi Follows Shirazi, but He’s Not a “Follower?”

Tawhidi is so inconsistent that he is struggling not to contradict himself.  Some of his contradictions are not so blatantly obvious, while others should raise a red flag in anyone with a pulse.  If you follow Tawhidi closely, you are likely aware of the ongoing debacle with his previous Twitter account, @BrotherTawhidi.  When Zuhdi Jasser quoted tweets from the account in his Asia Times editorial, Imam Tawhidi issued a FaceBook video where he publicly denies the tweets.  In this response to Zuhdi Jasser, Tawhidi refutes Jasser’s accusation of sectarianism by citing his affiiliation with the Shirazi jurisdiction.  In this video response (beginning at 9 min 9 seconds), Tawhidi explictly states “I belong to the Shirazi jurisdiction, which means I follow him, I choose to follow the grand Shirazi Marja…”  The video can be viewed in it’s entirety on Tawhidi’s FaceBook post.

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Tawhidi, or Not Tawhidi? That is the Question – An Analysis of the “BrotherTawhidi” Tweets

Imam Tawhidi operated under the username “@Tawhidicom” from July 10, 2013, the date his profile indicates he first joined Twitter, through February of 2016 when he became “@ImamofPeace,” which remains his current active username. In a recent response to Lalo Dagach’s May 28, 2017 tweet (who contacted Zuhdi Jasser on social media regarding Jasser’s Asia Times editorial referencing tweets from the account @BrotherTawhidi), Tawhidi tweeted “people were warned since 2013” that the @BrotherTawhidi account was “fake.”  Despite the fact that the “BrotherTawhidi” account is the second result shown by Google when doing a search for Imam Tawhidi, the tweet to Dagach was the only indication from Tawhidi that the alternate account is “fake,” and it has since been deleted by Tawhidi.  While an impostor account violates Twitter’s impersonation policy, which allows “parody” accounts but requires them to be clearly identified as such, the “BrotherTawhidi” account has not been removed by Twitter, despite its non-compliance with the policy… but the two “warnings” about the “fake” account have been removed by Tawhidi.  Continue reading to see that when Tawhidi denies ownership of the “BrotherTawhidi” tweets, he is given the benefit of the doubt based on the “honor system,” a system that he is incapable of abiding by.

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My email to Debbie Schlussel regarding her “truth” about Zuhdi Jasser

Dear Debbie,

My intent was to send you an email where I addressed certain statements in your blog post on Dr. Jasser that are erroneous. The problem with my original strategy is that a majority of your statements are false, and you proceed to use them as evidence to support the point you are trying to make.  When you’re not lying, you’re being condescending or ignorant, and in your most shameful moments you are all three.  If you are forced to rely on fabrications to support your claim that Dr. Jasser is a lying “fraud,” perhaps it is time to either accept the reality that you are wrong about him, or realize that you are in fact the “fraud.” You should also consider the fact that calling someone a “liar” while being dishonest makes you a hypocrite as well.  There are a number of Islamists who are threatened by Jasser’s work, and strive to discredit him.  Instead of going after the Islamists who pose a threat to our security, you ignorantly label them “orthodox,” and emulate identical tactics to discredit Dr. Jasser.  The Islamists are threatened by Jasser because he has exposed their ulterior motives, and the exact manner in which they work from within the system to advance political Islam.  Why are you threatened by him?  My guess is that the existence of “moderate” Muslims would make you irrelevant, and once the moderate Muslims regain control over Islam, you will no longer be able to toot your own horn about how important you are.  In trying to discredit Dr. Jasser, you are acting against the best interest of America.  What’s sickening is that you pretend the opposite, and do so for personal gain.  Please see my comments and corrections in red, and let me know if you’d like the name an Islamist who is deserving of your hate, and who isn’t our greatest asset in the fight against Islamism.




The [Libelous, Uncited, Unverifiable, Unfounded] Sad Truth About Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser–Star, Narrator, & Producer of “The Third Jihad”

By Debbie Schlussel, the pathologically destructive attorney who relies on inadmissible evidence and hearsay to discredit an honest reformer.


This morning, a friend [whose name was conveniently omitted making it impossible to corroborate the story] invited me to lunch with M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD, the Syrian-American Muslim who wants us to believe that most Muslims are peaceful because they don’t belong to mosques. He is in Detroit to promote, show, and answer questions on “The Third Jihad,” the movie he and the Clarion Foundation funded and have since released.

The Clarion Foundation also contacted me over the weekend, urging me to promote this movie, but they refused to respond to my questions about it and Jasser. And I don’t recommend it because of the behavior, disinformation, lies, and double-speak of Dr. Jasser. For the same reasons–which I’ve mentioned on this site previously–and others, which I note below [but fail to substantiate with anything more than inadmissible evidence or flagrant lies], I declined my friend’s invitation.

You see, the message Mr. Jasser is spreading is contrary to the one he claims in the movie. The movie warns of the homegrown jihad we’ve been warning about for years, since before 9/11. But Jasser’s statements regularly contradict the movie [“regularly?”  While Jasser is open about disagreeing with certain aspects of the film, your exaggeration that he “regularly” contradicts it is inaccurate.  Can you provide any references to back up this statement?]. He’s two-faced, and a liar [says the two-faced liar who claims to be a “terrorism expert,” yet mimics the tactics of an  Islamist, thereby making her a hypocrite who is acting against the best interest of America, and facilitating political Islam on American soil.]. And you simply can’t believe a single piece of fertilizer coming out of his mouth. He openly lied to me in an e-mail, claiming he’d never discussed a topic on Detroit radio, which he expressly did discuss on the air for a full half-hour. [You are cherry-picking statements and using semantics to manipulate the facts in a way that satisfies your bigoted agenda.  He acknowledges in his email that he has spoken in generalities about “radicalism at that mosque,” and that is exactly what he did on Detroit radio.  Jasser made general statements consistent with his work that were relevant to the topic, but not specific to it.]

Jasser has consistently appeared on Detroit radio shows and TV and radio shows around the country, saying the usual bullcrap, i.e., that Islam is a peaceful religion, that the majority of Muslims are peaceful because they don’t belong to a mosque, that CAIR and MPAC and ISNA, etc. don’t represent Islam.

Jasser also said on a Detroit radio broadcast earlier this year, that it’s unfair to blame the imam of a Minneapolis-area mosque or the mosque for recruiting a number of secular Somali boys to become terrorists for the Al-Qaeda network’s Al-Shabaab in Somalia. He claimed to know the imam of the mosque and be familiar with the mosque in excusing the two, but even the parents of the missing boys blame the mosque and the imam, and the FBI admits it’s investigating the mosque and the imam (who is on the no-fly list and has been for ages).  [This is a flagrant lie.  The transcript from Jasser’s radio interview with Frank Beckmann on 12-26-2008 proves Jasser did not mention by name the mosque or imam (hardly qualifying it as a “discussion” about the event), and he certainly never implied the imam should not be blamed.  He clearly states his only knowledge of the incident was from a USA Today article, and he asserts the imam does not need to be preaching violence to radicalize..  The transcript can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here] The audio version of the entire interview can be heard here. Given you haven’t viewed the transcript in the 7 years since the interview took place, I assume you’ll opt out again.  For that reason, I’ve included Jasser’s response from the interview when Beckmann asked Jasser if he was familiar with the story of the Somali boys:

“Yeah, it was actually a significant story in the USA Today and it’s very interesting. And what bothered me about it is they went to the mosque where these individuals had come from and they said, ‘Oh, they said, that’s not happening, and if it is, they are making more out of it then they should.’ And again, it’s almost like we need a 12 step program in many of these Muslim communities to get out of denial. Because what’s happening is– not that the mosque was advocating violence, I don’t think that is what was happening– but there was a lot of estrangement. There was complaints about, for example the conflict in Somalia and these kids, many of them, ended up probably feeling like they need to go help in the “Jihad”, so the Imam doesn’t necessarily need to be preaching violence, all they need to be preaching is a type of victimization, a type of separatism and immediately, and then more slowly, these kids end up feeling compelled to go and I think that’s really, you know… the NYPD had a report out last year that talked about home grown terror and the process by which Muslims could become radicalized. And then Senator Lieberman’s Homeland Security Committee then came out with an augment of that and said, well, these are actually the things we need to be doing nationally. And sure enough, our favorite organization, CAIR and then MPAC in New York came out with a counter to that and said that, ‘this is ridiculous, it is fear mongering, we can’t be targeting the Muslim community.’—rather than look at the parts of the report that really pointed out where things like the Somali incident are happening, what is radicalizing these individuals and what can we do as a community to treat this diagnosis early, rather than too late?”


Sorry, but that’s baloney. Islam is not peaceful. Whether or not Muslims belong to a mosque is not the determinant of their radicalism, only an adding factor. [I am so confused, Debbie.  The previous paragraph was about Jasser supposedly saying an imam shouldn’t be blamed for radicalizing, and now you indicate Jasser’s position is that mosque attendance is the sole determinant of radicalism.  If he opposes blaming an imam, why would he blame mosque attendance for radicalization?  While neither claim is accurate, your combination of lies is contradictory and irrational.  I suggest you choose one or the other to avoid not making sense.] I know some extremely secular Muslims who drink alcohol and haven’t been to a mosque in decades. But they love Hezbollah and HAMAS and hate Jews, Christians, America, and Israel. If the majority of Muslims are really peaceful and don’t support terrorist groups, why did I see ten thousand Muslims–during the workday–marching on the streets of Dearborn and Detroit in support of Hezbollah and HAMAS in both 2006 and early 2009? Why do Bin Laden, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, and Nasrallah remain the most popular figures and entities in poll after poll of Muslims? Why do a third of young American Muslims support homicide bombings?  [Why are you inept at differentiating “Muslims” from “Islamists?”]


Dr. Jasser was kicked out of his mosque in Arizona, a pretty good sign that Islam is, in fact, radical, and they don’t want his pretentious claim otherwise. [This is absolutely false. Jasser addresses the lie in this article where he explicitly states “I have never been thrown out of any mosque,” and provides an additional explanation of the fabrication.  You fail to provide a source for this claim making your allegation impossible to verify, and proceed to use your lie to validate your argument.]  I’m sorry, but CAIR, ISNA, and MPAC do represent Islam more than he does [says the non-Muslim whose career as a bigot relies on the non-existence of a moderate Muslim, possibly explaining your disregard for facts and desperation to unjustly portray Jasser as a “fraud.”]. Far more, despite his claims otherwise. It’s like when Communist fantasists and utopians used to tell me that I can’t judge Communism by its manifestation and practice in the Soviet Union or Cuba or China, because they don’t practice “real” Communism and don’t represent this silent, imaginary majority of Communists worldwide who love peace and don’t throw people in jail for a life of torture for writing a poem. Sorry, Zuhdi, but you know better. And yet, you continue to lie. I asked Jasser how many Muslim members he has in his organization, the “American Islamic Forum for Democracy,” and he didn’t respond. He’s told others it’s about 100. That’s not even negligible. It’s downright embarrassing [What’s “embarrassing” is your ignorance regarding the array of challenges and obstacles any movement faces.  The Civil Rights Movement in the South took decades to come to fruition, and in the early stages had little support. It is an uphill battle with resistance from all directions.  You offer no solutions, you are pathologically destructive, and you are acting against the best interest of America].

Not negligible are the speaking fees and other payments and funding Dr. Jasser is getting from this speaking tour, a good chunk of it courtesy of the Clarion Foundation, which in using him as its two-faced spokesman seems not to heed its own eponymous clarion call. I dream (and will forever dream) of the day we will see a Muslim (which means an ex-Muslim ) or an Arab who is actually putting forth a consistent, truthful, truly peaceful message. . . and not some uninformed double-talk, milked as a money-making enterprise. [an “ex-Muslim” is not a “Muslim,” but your bigotry should be noted when assessing your character to determine the credibility of your hearsay evidence.]  Jasser, Hanan Tudor a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel,” Walid Shoebat, and other frauds have all made a mint after they opened up shop post-9/11 (and lying about what and who they are). Before then, they were nowhere to be seen. [11 years as an officer in the US Navy where he served as a physician to Congress and the Supreme Court which led to his career as a highly respected medical doctor specializing internal medicine and nuclear cardiology, and serving as  President of the Arizona Medical Association is not “nowhere to be seen,” but this is another example of substantiating your claim with misrepresentations of the truth.] Apparently, the underside of the rock was quite cozy ’til then, but afterward the outside suddenly became far “greener.” [While I don’t know Jasser’s financial circumstances, simple logic tells me he has made financial sacrifices to pursue activism.  It is far more lucrative to be a medical doctor than an activist.  Are you being ridiculous on purpose?]


And then there’s the bold-faced lie Jasser told me, denying he’d ever even spoken of the mosque in Minnesota that recruits jihadists, when in fact he had. [stating a lie repeatedly does not change the fact that it’s a fabrication, rather it makes you a chronic liar.  Hopefully you read his response where he did NOT mention the name of the mosque, but spoke in generalities.] When I responded with the details of the interview in which he’d done that very thing at length and excused this extremist mosque and its imam–calling him on his bald-faced lie–he didn’t respond back. No surprise.  [No, it’s not a surprise.  What could he have possibly said?  It doesn’t matter how certain you are about what you think you heard him say.  He didn’t say it.]

Dr. Jasser told those who attended today’s lunch with him that he’s against interfaith efforts. [Debbie, please cite your source so your story can be corroborated.  Since you weren’t there, you can’t claim to know what Jasser told those who attended.  Since you conveniently provide no details, Jasser has no idea which lunch you are referring to, and has no chance to defend himself against your irresponsible fabrications.] Yet his bio is filled with them, and he brags of them, including his participation in the “Children of Abraham,” a far-left organization run by an anti-Israel Jew by the name of Brenda Naomi Rosenberg (she authored a petition condemning Israel during the Israel-HAMAS war earlier this year).  [You have falsely and maliciously linked two groups that are entirely unaffiliated, but bear the same name; “Children of Abraham.” When asked about his affiliation with Brenda Rosenberg, Jasser responded “None, zero zilch. I’ve never heard of her or met her.”  Regarding Jasser’s group “Children of Abraham,” Jasser’s response was “we started a discussion group of 10 Muslim and 10 Jewish families with Temple Kol Ami in Scottsdale and called that small group Children of Abraham.”  While Jasser’s group “wrapped it up in 2008 or so,” the “Children of Abraham” with which he was affiliated was an ‘informal’ discussion group with no budget and no chapters, and was sole and separate from the “Children of Abraham” group you referenced.  Click here for additional info on the “Children of Abraham” group in which Jasser was involved.] Not mentioned in his bio is Jasser’s active involvement in and repeated donations (in 2005 and 2006) to Seeds of Peace, the moral equivalency summer camp for kiddie Islamic terrorists in the making in Maine, which I told you about previously on this site. It was founded by Yasser Arafat’s favorite biographer and topics at the camp have included that the Holocaust never happened.

Below is the exchange I had with Jasser when he contacted me after I first wrote about him. Following that is my e-mail to the Clarion Foundation, after they contacted me to promote their and his movie. No response from them, either. No surprise. [I’m glad we agree that there is nothing surprising about not responding to irrational questions that are based on your delusional, inaccurate conclusions and contaminated with lies that serve your transparent agenda] When the facts aren’t on your side, there are two options, lie or remain silent. [While this says a lot about your integrity, there’s also the option of taking responsibility for one’s actions and rectifying any wrongdoing.] Jasser does both. The Clarion Foundation did only the latter [my guess is you will remain silent as well, and solidify your existence as a raging hypocrite]  But their disinformation campaign headlined by Jasser is not the heroic thing it’s portrayed to be.

Remember, “taqiyyah”–the Islamic concept of lying to and deceiving infidels–is something Dr. Jasser doesn’t talk about. But something he practices far more than he preaches [Given that five sentences ago you revealed acting with integrity is not an “option,” you are not in a credible position to be assessing character.  Regardless, Jasser has been consistently upfront about his stances.  He has upheld his allegiance to honesty and directness, and is consistently “on the record” making him verifiable and credible.  Contrarily, you rely on the illusions of inadmissible evidence, and testimony from anonymous “friends” who appear to be as dishonest as you.  Your bigotry has taken precedence over integrity which negatively impacts your credibility, and your hypocrisy is shameful.]


From: M. Zuhdi Jasser mzjasser@gmail.com

Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 5:13 PM

Subject: Correction requested

To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Dear Ms. Schlussel—We have never been in contact before. I will keep this brief. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly in the future if you have any concerns or wish to engage in a discussion with a Muslim who is unabashedly anti-Islamist. Sorry, but the excerpt below from your column is false. http://www.debbieschlussel.com/

One other thing: This episode demonstrates the absolute unreliability of the statements of Zuhdi Jasser, the so-called moderate Muslim who pushes upon us the BS that the majority of Muslims are peaceful (which is why thousands of them marched on the streets of Dearborn in support of Hezbollah and HAMAS for weeks in 2006 and 2009).

Jasser kept claiming that Shirwa Ahmed’s mosque and the imam of the mosque, Sheikh Abdirahman Ahmed (who is on the no-fly list), are blameless and moderate, even though many Muslims from that mosque become radicalized by him and travel to Somalia to kill countless others.

You can’t believe a thing Jasser says. And you shouldn’t believe Robert Mueller has finally come to his senses 7.5 years after 9/11. He continues to pander to, excuse, and apologize for mosques like the one that was the impetus for Shirwa Ahmed’s Somalian one-way explosion trip.

I would imagine the source you received it from must have transposed my name in their attribution meant to be of someone else. Not only have I never written or spoken publicly about Ahmed’s mosque or the Somali situation but our group (AIFD) certainly believes they are being radicalized by their leadership [the transcript of Jasser’s interview with Beckmann is consistent with this statement, as Jasser stated the imam did not even need to be preaching violence to radicalize]. I have absolutely no idea where you made this false attribution from . I have spoken in generalities to a reporter or two about my deep concerns about the radicalism of that mosque which would actually be in line with your concerns.  [I put this sentence in bold print for you since you clearly missed it the first time around.  Let me know if I should underline it for you as well.] . Please refer me to the link/source from where you made this false attribution and I will get it corrected or help clarify what you may be interpreting. You mention that I “kept claiming Shirwa Ahmed..” I have never spoken of or written about this imam. Once you have verified this on your own, I would ask you to please correct your comments appropriately. All of my writings and interviews are at our website at www.aifdemocracy.org. We pride ourselves on being directly confrontational against the apologetics of Islamist groups and their imams and leadership. In fact, additionally to your other comments, I spoke at large events in Detroit expressing my dismay and disgust with the local Muslim support of Hezbullah and Hamas. That is just some of the public record I have established in this area. In fact CAIR and other Islamists in the Detroit area published this drivel after my appearance in Detroit last year: http://www.arabamericannews.com/news/index.php?mod=article&cat=Community&article=851. You can see here as well as all over the internet that the Islamists you target are certainly no fan of my work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Zuhdi Jasser

President, AIFD

In fact, my comments about what Jasser said were not comments a source sent me as he wished had happened so he could worm his way out of it. I heard him say these things with my own ears. [Had a “source” sent the comments, they would be verifiable.  Instead, an ATTORNEY consistently relies on inadmissible evidence and hearsay to justify what legally constitutes libel.  The real evidence as provided in the transcript proves you did not hear what you think you heard, and you can’t “worm your way out of it.”] Here’s my response.

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 5:38 PM

Subject: Re: Correction requested

To: zuhdi@jasserim.com

Dr. Jasser:

Words and facts are stubborn things. I heard you say these very words on two different appearances on the Frank Beckmann show–one while you were in Detroit and another around Christmas or the New Year. A friend who has been justifiably disturbed by your message and by Beckmann called me both times you were on. [what is the name of this “friend” so the claim can be verified? Was it the same “friend” who invited you to the lunch you “declined,” then reported back to you with distortions of what Jasser “said” so that you could intentionally link him to the wrong “Children of Abraham” in desperation to “prove” your point that he’s “liar?”  Your “friends” have a tendency to hear things that were never said. Again, another convenient failure to provide a source.]  I know what I–and others–heard. And you repeatedly say that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. They are not. Sorry. And you said that it was not the mosque or its imam. I suggest that you go back and listen to both of your interviews as your apologism and claims about Muslims are disinformation. [I suggest you follow your own advice, and give another listen] You specifically excused the Abubakar As Saddique Islamic Center and its imam. Your memory is short. Mine is long and precise [LOL!  The transcript is here]. And I was sickened to hear you make these excuses for these people, while continuing to get the blind worship of less-informed lights like Frank Gaffney and extreme ignoramuses like Beckmann (who admitted on another show that he didn’t even know who John Maynard Keynes was).

I wonder how many members of your organization are actually Muslims and not just people who like your message. I’d bet there are very few Muslims. FYI, your friend Frank Beckmann, on his show, repeatedly legitimizes open Hezbollah supporters Imad Hamad (a “former” PFLP terrorist and Hezbo/HAMAS supporter, and FBI Award revokee) and Ali Jawad (a man who openly supports Hezbollah, a well known agent for the group, and who was convicted of insurance fraud in federal court). The more you appear on that show, the more it tells me about you–not just by your apologism for some mosques and many Muslims, but by your very presence on the show.  I am well aware that many Muslims don’t like you because they are extremely Orthodox and they think you are helping the enemy [being “Orthodox” is irrelevant.  “They” are Islamists, “they” are threatened by Jasser’s message, and America is the “enemy” Jasser is helping.  “They” appreciate your ignorance and false attribution, and “they” are the ones you should go after], but as even Stephen Coughlin admitted when questioned after he spoke in Detroit, your message–that Muslims are mostly peaceful–is fraudulent and hurts our cause. [FYI, Stephen Coughlin denies ever making such a claim.] Ditto for your apologism for the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center and Imam Abdirahman Ahmed, whom you specifically excused from culpability [the real evidence suggests otherwise].

Unlike your lemmings like Frank Beckmann who is an ignoramus former sportscaster, I actually can correctly pronounce Zuhdi (I know it isn’t Judy, unlike him) [this doesn’t make you a “terrorism expert”], and I don’t buy into your fraudulent message. Islam–not a few extremists, as you claim–is the problem. [Jasser claims “Islamists” are the problem, and he’s open about the astonishing numbers]



From: Clarion Fund press@clarionfund.org

Date: Sun, May 10, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Subject: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: writedebbie@gmail.com

Debbie Schlussel-

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you about the premiere of the Clarion fund’s newest documentary film, “The Third Jihad.” The event will take place this Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and will include a screening of the full version of the feature-length film as well as a media briefing with the film’s narrator, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, and its producers about the threat of radical Islam in America.

Though Clarion invited several American Muslim groups to participate in a roundtable discussion with Dr. Jasser – a devout Muslim and chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) – all of them declined the invitation. Among those organizations to decline the invitation was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a surprising turn of events considering the group’s usual insistence that a representative of their “mainstream Muslim” staff be present at such events to offer a “balanced perspective.” In fact, since the beginning of 2009, CAIR has requested such representation in at least three U.S. events focused on radical Islam.

While we hope to distribute this release to the media tomorrow, we wanted to give the blogging community the first shot at it: who better to begin the discussion about “The Third Jihad” – and continue the discussion about the threat of radical Islam in America ‚Äì than the talented men and women of the blogoshpere [DS: sic].


The Clarion Fund


From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Sun, May 10, 2009 at 1:25 PM

Subject: Re: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: Clarion Fund press@clarionfund.org

I just wanted you to know that it has come to my attention that the Clarion Fund is sending money to something called the Sam Adams Alliance, or at least that’s what Sam Adams’ CEO Eric O’Keefe claimed to me. You should know that Sam Adams Alliance’s web director and trainer, on her blog, praised and defended Muslim death threats against my life, which included Holocaust denial. Are you, in fact, giving a dime to Sam Adams Alliance? You should also know that Zuhdi Jasser in two interviews on Detroit radio said:

1) that it is not right to blame the Muslim imam of the mosque who is recruiting Somalis to become terrorists back home, when even the FBI and their families acknowledged he is the one recruiting them; and

2)that the majority of Muslims in America and elsewhere are peaceful and don’t support terrorism, which is interesting given that 10,000 Muslims marched in favor of Hezbollah and HAMAS daily in Dearborn during the Israel Hezbollah war; and when Bin Laden and HAMAS are still the most popular entities in poll after poll around the Islamic world.

Does Clarion agree with these misguided viewpoints expressed by Zuhdi Jasser?

Like I said, no response. Of course, not.

**** UPDATE, 05/14/09: The Clarion Foundation did indeed finally respond, four days after I contacted them:

From: Clarion Fund media@clarionfund.org

Date: Wed, May 13, 2009 at 4:20 PM

Subject: RE: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: writedebbie@gmail.com


We did not “refuse” to answer your questions as you posted on your blog. Rather, we checked with every department within our organization to make absolutely sure that no such donations to the Sam Adams Alliance were made. After much research, we are quite sure that Clarion Fund has not donated anything to the Sam Adams Alliance. Please correct this inaccuracy.

Regarding Dr. Jasser, the Clarion Fund remains 100% committed to our goal of educating Americans on threats to national security, and Dr. Jasser is a close and important partner for us in our drive to accomplish this goal.


The Clarion Fund

My response:

From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Wed, May 13, 2009 at 6:29 PM

Subject: Re: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: Clarion Fund media@clarionfund.org

I e-mailed you on Sunday. It’s now 6:30pm Wednesday afternoon. I operate on Internet turnaround, not 1800s printing press deadlines. [Why are you always such a bi… nevermind.  While you chide Clarion for their response time, let’s not forget it took you five months to respond to your “concerns” over what you “heard” Jasser “say” on the Beckmann show, and your concerns “coincidentally” prompted your attention around the release the The Third Jihad which you urged your readers not to see] I will correct that, but I think you should let Eric O’Keefe from Sam Adams Alliance know that you want him to stop claiming he’s getting money from you.

Do you agree with Zuhdi Jasser that Israel and the West Bank are “the occupied territories” as he told Pamela Geller on her radio interview?  [Nice job providing a source.  However, you are still misrepresenting Jasser’s quote. Here is Jasser’s response to this claim.  The entire article can be found here.

Geller alleges that I “referred to Israel as ‘occupied territory'” (singular) – when, in fact, as the recording and transcript of this interview show, I actually said “occupied territories” (plural).  The Islamist terror group Hamas refers to all of Israel as “occupied territory” (singular); and its charter claims that its mission is to conquer all of Israel, and rename it “Palestine.”  From 2000-2005, however, the term “occupied territories” (plural) referred to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, both of which were under the control of the Israeli military.  (In fact, Israel completely withdrew from Gaza and the northern West Bank in late 2005.)  The only mistake I made was to still in 2007 refer to Gaza and parts of the West Bank as “the occupied territories.” On that count, I should have immediately corrected myself but that simple mistake was far from her accusation.

Do you agree with him that it’s not right to blame the imam of the Minneapolis mosque for brainwashing and recruiting terrorist to go blow themselves up in Somalia? [He did not say this, Debbie] Do you agree that it’s right that he would flat-out lie to me and deny that he’d ever discussed that mosque when he had on the air for about a half hour? [He did not say this either, Debbie] Also, do you agree with Zuhdi Jasser that most Muslims are peaceful and don’t support Hezbollah or HAMAS?  [You’re misrepesenting Jasser’s position which is, and always has been;

“I do see a valid debate as to the prevalence and intellectual underpinnings of the Islam I and my family practice, and whether it constitutes a minority or majority of Muslims. It is an important national conversation whether most Muslims can be counted upon to lead any type of genuine, lasting reform toward modernity. But this issue needs sound, thoughtful study – not sloppy unsubstantiated visceral prejudgments.”]


Clearly you don’t follow the polls or watch the streets when Muslims hold protests, if you believe that.

Islam is a national security threat, and every time you promote Jasser’s view that he and his 100 Muslims out of a billion Muslims are representative of the real Islam [at no point has Dr. Jasser stated or implied that he represents the “real Islam.”  Those who claim to represent the “real” or “true” Islam, and those who claim there is only “one Islam” are the Muslims (Islamists) who are a threat, and they are the Muslims who should concern you.  You wouldn’t  need to lie to make them look bad, however it wouldn’t bother me if you did.], which is “peaceful,” you are lying about the true national security threats. Wake UP.


From: Clarion Fund media@clarionfund.org

Date: Thu, May 14, 2009 at 6:54 AM

Subject: RE: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: writedebbie@gmail.com


Thank you . . . We will be in touch with Mr. O’Keefe to set the record straight.


The Clarion Fund


From: Debbie Schlussel writedebbie@gmail.com

Date: Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:04 AM

Subject: Re: “The Third Jihad” Premieres in Washington, DC – CAIR Declines the Invitation

To: Clarion Fund media@clarionfund.org

You should be aware that his director of web development and blog trainer, Emily Zanotti, defended Muslim anti-Semitic Holocaust denial death, rape, and torture threats on my life. [Was this before or after your blog post calling for the murder of all 1.8 billion Muslims?]. I certainly hope you will never give $ to such an organization, and I was incensed when he told me you were. You still haven’t answered my questions on Zuhdi Jasser, though.  Hopefully I have answered those questions for you.  My question to you is this… What is your solution to the exponentially increasing threats imposed by Islamism?  Surely you can’t be attempting to discredit our greatest asset in this fight on the premise that you view killing all 1.8 billion Muslims as a viable option.  Slandering an honest reformer is disgraceful on your part.  It’s against the best interest of America.  It’s un-American and disgusting.  Please Debbie, take a break from your destructiveness, and tell your readers your plan so we can begin implementing it if it will stop the loss of innocent lives.