Tawhidi’s Social Media Shenanigans Continue

Tawhidi has always had a penchant for dishonest social media behavior.  His antics have gotten to the point that taking screenshots of Tawhidi’s every tweet is critical.  I began snapping screenshots when Tawhidi was having a suspicious conversation with “Laila,” who was questioning Tawhidi for “taking a swing” at @ShaykAzhar.  While I snapped the screenshot because it was obvious by Tawhidi’s tone that he was talking to himself, I was flabbergasted when “Laila” suddenly changed her name to “Sarah.”

It got even weirder when “Sarah” thanked Tawhidi for deradicalizing “her” two brothers, and Tawhidi called “her” by name and told “her” it was good to see “her” around.


I began sharing screenshots with Twitter users who were interacting with “Sarah” (Tawhidi) as if “she” was a real woman, and in true Tawhidi fashion, “Sarah” tagged Tawhidi, evoked the help of the same user Tawhidi has relied on to convince people I am Zuhdi Jasser with a fake female account, and BLOCKED ME!



But the weirdness didn’t stop here… Laila/Sarah (Tawhidi) underwent another name change, and this time “she” (Tawhidi) changed “her” profile picture and Twitter handle as well.  Meet Loran Mumtazi… in the midst of creating fake female accounts and trying to keep their names straight, Tawhidi forgot to delete his tweet to “Sarah.”

Laila/Sarah/Loran began deleting “her” tweets, as did Tawhidi, right before Laila/Sarah/Loran became Sonam Hani. “She” eventually deleted “her” account, and nobody has heard from “Sarah’s” brothers.

The Official Change (and proof of Taqiyyah)

Exposing Tawhidi

After many silly mistakes, mishaps, misguidances, and crazy statements of Tawhidi in the past, Tawhidi was advised by his teacher, mentor and idol – Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi – to change his ways. To understand the relationship between the two, see here.

Tawhidi produced a letter, stating he is changing his ways.


A few important points to note about this letter. We will also highlight which are lies according to the general masses of Shia.

  1. He admits his past was filled with controversy.
  2. His past statements were taught to him (lies, they are not the true teachings of the Shia).
  3. Those past statements were not introduced by him, but rather – he was the first to publicize them in the English language. (lies, the Islamic Seminaries do not teach this rubbish).
  4. None of the teaching he said are incorrect in his opinion.
  5. He believes these teachings were better of…

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Sectarianism and hatred

Exposing Tawhidi

Tawhidi brought a lot of hatred with him when he returned back to Australia, where cursing & swearing became second nature to him.

He would often insult two historical figures in particular.

  1. Umar bin al-Khattab, the second caliph in Islam.
  2. Aisha bint Abi Bakr, the daughter of the first caliph in Islam.

No doubt, the Shia are no fans of these two figures – and disassociate themselves from them, as they played big roles in the history of Islam. Umar played an instrumental role in usurping the caliphate from the rightful successor, Ali bin abi Taleb (as). While Aisha raised the sword against Imam Ali (as) during his caliphate.

However, what Tawhidi did was something unheard of among the Shia, and certainly against the teachings of the purified household of the Prophet (as), whom the Shia adhere to. Tawhidi made hatred the only fundamental foundation of everything in the religion…

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FB post to Tawhidi that got me blocked

Imam Tawhidi, I’ve posted this before, and offer the benefit of the doubt that you haven’t seen it given the high volume of traffic on your social media accounts. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer my countless questions over the past several months. I’ve made good on my promise to research you before asking redundant questions, and that research has left me unable to understand why you are not appalled by the teachings of Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi. In May of 2016, long after your alleged change of heart, you were “gifting” Shirazi’s book, ‘Islamic Law; A Handbook of Rulings on Muslim’s Duties and Practices,’ to Australian residents, and the book condones child marriages. It explicitly states:

“It is imperative that the leaders who deal with the affairs of the youth facilitate the marriage of the youth at an early age. It is imperative to obliterate those practices and customs that hinder marriage, such as high and excessive dowries, grand ceremonies that are normally beyond the reach of most youth. Furthermore, other marriage hindrances, or excuses for its delay, which counter the natural disposition of the individual, should be ignored; these include [university] education, or military service, or that ‘one has not prepared himself yet.’”

Shirazi’s book goes on to state “It is desirable (mostahab) to encourage early marriage of the girl who has reached the adolescence age,” which is nine lunar years according to the book, and a lecture you gave a year ago.

Is child marriage a disgusting practice, and you condemn anyone who advocates for it including Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi? You’ve said he was your “teacher,” and it means nothing, but that is quite different than disassociating yourself from him on the premise that his ideas are vile and must be defeated.

Also of concern is the statement in Shirazi’s book that political parties are only acceptable if they are “the first step for the creation of an assembly for the implementation of the rulings of the Islamic Shari’ah…” The book also permits the use of chemical weapons, and expresses anti-Western sentiment that contradicts your representation of Shirazi as one who admires the west. It is available here…


You have made known your position on Wahhabi sharia, and we are in agreement that it is horrific. I see it as problematic that rather than voicing equal opposition to Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi’s 900 page book of medieval, misogynistic sharia, you were distributing it, thereby endorsing it. Such an imbalance presents a serious conflict of interest, and gives credence to the argument that you are sectarian acting in the interest of the Shirazi jurisdiction.

Such an imbalance presents a serious conflict of interest, and gives credence to the argument that you are sectarian acting in the interest of the Shirazi jurisdiction.

Please do not delete this post, and avoid my question about Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi and his teachings. Although that would technically answer my question, it is not the answer I’m hopeful of receiving.


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