Tawhidi’s Social Media Shenanigans Continue

Tawhidi has always had a penchant for dishonest social media behavior.  His antics have gotten to the point that taking screenshots of Tawhidi’s every tweet is critical.  I began snapping screenshots when Tawhidi was having a suspicious conversation with “Laila,” who was questioning Tawhidi for “taking a swing” at @ShaykAzhar.  While I snapped the screenshot because it was obvious by Tawhidi’s tone that he was talking to himself, I was flabbergasted when “Laila” suddenly changed her name to “Sarah.”

It got even weirder when “Sarah” thanked Tawhidi for deradicalizing “her” two brothers, and Tawhidi called “her” by name and told “her” it was good to see “her” around.


I began sharing screenshots with Twitter users who were interacting with “Sarah” (Tawhidi) as if “she” was a real woman, and in true Tawhidi fashion, “Sarah” tagged Tawhidi, evoked the help of the same user Tawhidi has relied on to convince people I am Zuhdi Jasser with a fake female account, and BLOCKED ME!



But the weirdness didn’t stop here… Laila/Sarah (Tawhidi) underwent another name change, and this time “she” (Tawhidi) changed “her” profile picture and Twitter handle as well.  Meet Loran Mumtazi… in the midst of creating fake female accounts and trying to keep their names straight, Tawhidi forgot to delete his tweet to “Sarah.”

Laila/Sarah/Loran began deleting “her” tweets, as did Tawhidi, right before Laila/Sarah/Loran became Sonam Hani. “She” eventually deleted “her” account, and nobody has heard from “Sarah’s” brothers.

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