An Email to Chris Logan

Christopher Logan is a self-righteous, self-serving bully suffering from a major inferiority complex and fear of being irrelevant. Therefore, he acts against the best interest of America in slandering the Muslim Reform Movement in his pursuit of personal fame.

Dear Chris,
After claiming to have spent the past 11 years researching Islam, it is unimaginable that you propose a ban on Islam in the United States. That is the most dangerously idiotic, ineffective, illogical, incoherent idea that anybody has ever had in the history of the world. You have the audacity to accuse people of “dodging” your questions, yet you hypocritically continue to dodge my questions regarding how a ban on Islam will be effective in America. You appear to be operating under the false assumption that if your plan were implemented, these savage barbarians who decapitate infidels and set fire to anyone who hinders their pursuit of world domination are going to comply. Surely in your 11 years of research you’ve learned that these theocrats have no regard for American principles, rather they seek to destroy everything we stand for and replace it with Islam. They believe this is what God commanded them to do, and a law implemented by a government they detest isn’t going to stop them. How is your plan that strips Americans of their Constitutional right to freely worship anything but a crucial victory for those who want to destroy the Constitution?

Unfortunately for America, you are a pathologically destructive imbecile on multiple levels. Not only do you advocate for America to engage in a futile battle that we will not win, you continue to harass the members of the Muslim Reform Movement who serve as the only viable solution to defeat the threat. You disregard their potential based on your 11 years of inconclusive research findings that “the Quran says Islam cannot be reformed.” I am certain there are translations of the Quran that read as such, but when it comes to your ability to objectively research a subject, you are a catastrophic failure. In your February 25, 2013 article titled “Logan’s Warning Challenge to World Net Daily (WND) and Zuhdi Jasser!” you state “if the author had done her job, she would have asked him [Dr. Jasser] to prove his point. To produce this so called Koran that calls for equality between Muslims and non-Muslims? He cannot!” You have wasted 11 years “researching” information that satisfies your self-serving bigoted agenda, and have failed to locate the Quran that I found with a simple google search; The Holy Koran: An Interpretive Translation from Classical Arabic into Contemporary English, by Mohammed K. Jasser is available on Amazon for less than $20. I suggest you purchase a copy, read it, and refrain from drawing inaccurate conclusions based on your own shortcomings.

The Islamist translations of the Koran you utilize to allegedly “prove” Jasser is “misleading America on Islam” are irrelevant to the manner in which Jasser practices Islam. You are not Sherlock Holmes, and you have not revealed anything of significance. The translations you provide are courtesy of warmongering Islamists wishing to advance Islam, and Jasser regularly acknowledges they exist. Given that you deny the existence of Islamists, it only makes sense that you would be confused. The translations you provide certainly prove your point that violent Islam is practiced (Jasser acknowledges this regularly), but your unwillingness to accept the reality of the existence of alternate translations proves my point that you have spent the past 11 years researching “Islamism” in pursuit of information that serves YOU with no regard for objectivity or accuracy. Unlike the Constitution which is written in plain English and clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” the Koran is written in Arabic. Every translation holds different meaning depending on the intent of the translator. I know that fact means nothing to you, but when Jasser says “nowhere in the Quran does God tell Muslims that they must impose their beliefs, practices and rituals upon others,” that is the truth regardless of your findings after 11 years of “research.” When Jasser says “nowhere in the Quran does God tell Muslims that they must repeat and thus emulate the Prophet Muhammad’s role and actions as a military or governmental leader,” that is the truth, regardless of what your 11 years of research has failed to reveal. When Jasser says “nowhere in the Quran does God tell myopic automatons to instigate murderous, terrorist actions against civilians and other noncombatants who, by definition, are incapable of causing them harm,” yes, Christopher, ‘that’s so.’ Perhaps if you were successful in locating a Quran that resembles Jasser’s, you would be in a more credible position to assess his statements. Given your failure to do so, your words are idle chatter. You go on to state “prove your claims Zudhi. Name just one of the four Sunni schools of law (madhahib) – the Hanafi, the Maliki, the Shafi’i and the Hanbali that dismiss the Sahih Ahadith.” Your research has once again conveniently failed to turn up critical information, that being Jasser’s honesty about the schools’ incompatibility with American values. That is one of the reasons Jasser has started the Muslim Reform Movement. Where are the so-called lies, Logan? Where are the misrepresentations? The only one misleading the public is YOU. If you wanted to find Jasser’s translation of the Koran, you would’ve done it long ago, as you excel in finding exactly what you’re looking for.

In your libelous depiction of Dr. Jasser, you utilize the same tactics as an Islamist; lying, bullying, intimidation, attempting to discredit, insinuations that Jasser is financially motivated, and citing Jasser’s “lack of authority” within Islam to speak on the subject. Once again, your 11 years of research has failed to show that the current “authority figures” within Islam play a major role in radicalizing Muslims, and rather than question them, you mimic them. You insinuate that Dr. Jasser is lying about the manner in which he practices Islam, and is “enjoying the money” he makes off “telling people what they want to hear.” Prior to 9/11, Dr. Jasser had established himself as a highly respected medical doctor specializing in internal medicine and nuclear cardiology. During his 11 years of service in the United States Navy, former Lieutenant Commander Jasser served as staff internist in the Office of the Attending Physician of the United States Congress. He was president of the Arizona Medical Association, and served on countless boards unaffiliated with Islam. I assure you the career he had established prior to 9/11 was far more lucrative than his new role as a reformer. Islam aside, Jasser would still be one of the nation’s top doctors. Who would you be without Islam to exploit for personal gain? You are the one who should not be trusted, as you are the one whose solvency relies on the non-existence of moderate-Muslims like Dr. Jasser.

You frequently call non-Muslims like me who support religious equality and oppose a ban “useful idiots” implying we assist those wishing to impose Islam on the rest of the world (Islamists). The irony in your implication is that there is no idiot more useful than you in terms of advancing the Islamist narrative. Denying the existence of Islamists doesn’t make them less real, it makes YOU an even more useful idiot. You assert that people who buy into Jasser’s “feel good fantasy” are “ignorant or too cowardly to face the reality of the situation.” The reality of the situation is far graver than you depict, and you appear to be the ignorant coward who is incapable of comprehending reality. Failing to identify the threat cannot lead to a viable solution that will benefit America long-term, and your proposed ban confirms that thought. Banning Islam is surrender to the Islamists, and will be detrimental to America’s future. Banning Islam is an excision of the liberty required to prevail in this battle. It contradicts American principles by stripping moderate Muslim-Americans of their Constitutional rights regardless of whether or not you believe they exist. It alienates the Americans we need in order to prevail in the war that has been declared on us. It empowers the Islamists whose ideology we seek to defeat while providing nothing more than a false sense of security in our perceived absence of Islam, and it will do nothing to eliminate the threat. Allow me to borrow your line – “It is nothing more than a feel good fantasy provided by those who are either enjoying the money they make off of telling people what they want to hear. Or those who are ignorant, or just too cowardly to face the reality of the situation.”

While you are utterly obnoxious on many levels, nothing is more pathetic than an insecure, hypocritical bully who uses intimidation to overcompensate for their raging inferiority complex. You are incapable of understanding how idiotic your implications are that Dr. Jasser and the other reformers are “afraid” to debate you. Chris, you know the savages the reformers are trying to defeat; the murderers and rapists who amputate limbs and decapitate human beings. They burn people alive, and drown them in cages. These barbarians are the enemy that Jasser and the reformers have taken on. Do you really think he’s “on the run” from you, or “afraid to debate” you as you claim? There is nothing scary about you and your circle jerk of anti-Islam degenerates. In the world of diseases, his enemy is cancer whereas you resemble a pimple. You are a complete waste of time, energy, and natural resources. Your plan to ban Islam is as ineffective, illogical, and irrational as every thought that pops into your pea-sized brain. What a self-righteous imbecile you are to assume that anyone is afraid. Jasser is well aware of your talking points about Islam. He’s aware of what the Koran says, and the many ways it’s been translated. He acknowledges the violent interpretations you use to allege he’s a “fraud.” The only point left to debate is the plan of action. Jasser has partnered with other Muslims to initiate the Muslim Reform Movement, and you advocate a ban on Islam. There is nothing to debate, and until you properly identify the threat, you are the useful idiot. Pick up a copy of the Koran that hasn’t been translated by the enemy, and show me where it says “Islam cannot be reformed.”


Author: @MelanieDBR

I am deeply concerned over the security of this great nation.